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by Joe Nacco
feat. Paul Salamone

The Story:
After collaborating on covers of Rocket Queen and Communication Breakdown with Paul Salamone, Paul and I decided to do an original song in the same vein. Drawing upon our favorite hard rock artists while injecting our own personal assets with no performance restrictions. Upon hearing the completed work (a song called Fight!), we thought "this sounds like organized chaos!" We played it for a few friends of ours who came out of their seats with excitement for a style of hard rock that has practically disappeared, yet still so admired. We were quite excited and decided to start recording a whole album's worth of material. We decided the album should contain all the wonderful elements of some of our favorite albums like Appetite for Destruction, Led Zeppelin I and Paranoid. The idea was every song needed high wailing/screaming vocals, lengthy/fast (yet tasty) guitar solos and varying drum fills after every two measures! Needless to say we were able to do this with a lot of hard work, training and focus. We put so much detail into every aspect of this. The solos on Red/Black took almost 12 hours to write and record. There were drum sections I made Paul record well over 20 takes until he got the "feel" I was looking for. We really hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Free Downloads:
Rocket Queen (Guns N' Roses cover)
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Joe Nacco - Vocals, Guitars & Bass
Paul Salamone - Drums
Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin cover)
(FREE mp3 - right click and "save target as")

Joe Nacco - Vocals
Nick Galante - Guitars
Robert Stachowiak - Bass
Paul Salamone - Drums


Joe Nacco:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Composition, Production, Mixing, Editing, Engineering, Art Design

Paul Salamone:
Drums, Percussion and a whole lot of ideas

Recording Notes:
This album was recorded, mixed and mastered from March 31, 2013 to June 30, 2013 at Joe's Attic and Garage. Paul's drums we're recorded in his attic on tracks 1, 3, 5, 6 & 7.

Thank you's:
Joe would like to thank the following people for helping to get this done...Ashley, Ava, Paul, Robert, Shirley, Amanda, Dave, Sue, Katerina, Carmella, Keith, Evelyn, and of course Tony from Drome Sound for the timpani drum.

The Songs and Lyrics:
01. ¢#@[]$
The album opener and title track. A fast paced song modeled after the style of Paranoid, Communication Breakdown, It's So Easy with a touch of Fuel by Metallica. Every good album should have one!

I don’t really care what you do
I don’t really care if you lose
Cutting ties discarding dreams
No one can hear you scream

Hiding out, out on the street
Selling things dirty cheap
Hollowed eyes you can't get clean
Everything all so obscene

You can't blame us
When all the walls start coming down
It's just the chaos
That you incite when you're around

Lost your soul so long ago
Never know which way to go
Breaking out right out the door
Back again looking to score

Lost it all all that you own
Keeping clear of things you thrown
Fading quick and out of sight
Nothing's left and nothing is right

02. Fight!
The song that spawned the album. Modeled after Paul's Bonham beats and my heavy GNR influence. the song was immediately picked up by local radio after posting on Facebook!

I think you've finally met your match
I thought this bout would never last
I'm on around one
You're on to round ten, I said

I couldn't make you go away
I didn't want to let you stay
I don't intend to devastate
But all you ever want to do is fight

I've won a million times before
From falling hard onto the floor
You make me stand up
I got this knock out, I said

I couldn't make you go away
I didn't want to let you stay
I don't intend to devastate
But all you ever do is wait
Just do it now don't hesitate
My mind can never keep you straight
Won't play it safe wont celebrate
This situation makes me want to fight

03. Train-Wreck
This track contains my guitar soloing magnus opus. One minute solo of fingertapping variations combine with speed picking. This is a tribute the Rhodes era of Ozzy Osbourne. I have never played or written a better guitar solo in my life! Starts at 1:37...

I have tried a million times to keep off of your train
And every time you pass on by you pull me in your way
You’re stumbling yet again and always such a mess
Full of lies and cooked out eyes and always in distress

Woman have you lost your mind or have you gone insane
I'm worn out keeping your disguise now everyone will throw you off the track

I have tried a million times to put you back in check
And then you fell right back from hell this perfect train you wreck

I have tried a million times and yet I always fail
I wish there was a better way to keep you on the rail

04. Love Not Fade Away.
The ballad. Every great hard rock album has one. This one is modeled after the Skid Row, Steelheart (or even Journey) style that drove the 80's "Power Ballads."

I took a walk to find
Someone was lighting up the sky
I looked around to see
That you were standing next to me

Time won't break us, fate can't shake us
We keep on making love not fade away

Keep looking back in time
You were the word to make the rhyme
And all those years go by
And still you're staring in my eyes

Keep at it girl
Stay in my world
I do all I can
Just to be your man

05. Drunk?
A heavy Black Sabbath meets Zeppelin feel here (The Wizard meets Heartbreaker). The song features a 1:44 instrumental breakdown designed to mimic the effects of a long night of partying, complete with my "guitar vomiting" at the end.

I saw you walk into the room
Like you got nothing else to do
You're always causing such a scene
Like you're inside a magazine

Light up the room like you always do
Nothing in hand but you can't stand
Full of spunk man you’re such a punk
Oh child how did you get this fucking drunk

Look at you walking in the rain
You keepin’ looking just the same
No one can ever sort you out
That isn't what you're all about

06. The Exorcism...of Gertrude Wright
This is based around a reworking of the first riff that was written in 1998 for our (Paul and I) first band Head. We obviously added A LOT of parts to it. I got a cool slide solo hook that starts the song off on an old warped record. There is also some demonic harmonized solos at the end. Plus a lot of screaming and a lot of big drum fills, just like the rest of the record...

She was a young girl so full of cheer
So prim and proper or so it'd appear
She wasn't crazy out in the town
Peeked in her window and then it went down

I was amazed at what I had seen
This wasn’t Gertrude must be a dream
I saw her taking all that she could
I couldn't speak out, nobody would

Speaking in tongues she was spinning her head
Shouting out loud and screaming my name

As she got older she's not the same
The girl that I knew has gone away
She's long forgotten and in her place
Some kind of monster without a face

Call off the doctor call off the shrink
Throw out the meds and bring in the priest
Send off the watch and spark up the doom
Give me the match I'll light up the room

She got out the window and out on the street
I’m closing in quick but losing my feet
Slipped in the woods and out of the chase
Nobody's here were ready to play

07. @adivebar
The 7th track. I call it the love child of Kiss and Led Zeppelin, but you can call it whatever you wish. Paul and I tried harder than ever from 2:25-3:41! Don't stop this one early!!

I saw you walking by a dive bar baby
You nose was all turned up
I barely noticed but you looked at me
I watched you walk away

You wanna go
I wanna know
I'm gonna take you home

I saw you hanging in a dive bar baby
Your hair was such a mess
Tried not to look but then you spotted me
I tried to walk away

I wanna go
You outta know
I’ll never take you home

I saw you passed out at a dive bar baby
My how the time does fly
You've been worn out you’re just like all the rest
You'll never get away

I wouldn't go
You should've known
No one will take you home

08. Red...
09. ...Black
10. Madison's End

The epic finale to the album, spread out over tracks 8, 9 and 10 all flowing into each, all recorded together! There's some Neil Yound in there, some 30 Seconds to Mars, some Zeppelin, definitely Metallica, some even said Maiden. However, there's no real way to describe it, so just listen!!

Hanging around off of the ground no can touch me now
Trying time and making it mine nobody figuring how
Trials by fires with witches and liars the stories that put me to sleep
Scares your soul and won't let you go, capturing all that you keep

Change me,
Cut out my heart, I'm the
Same me
Drowning in oceans of red

Selling tricks oh just for kicks I'll show you something that's real
Hidden behind masterful minds are things that you can't kill

Blame me,
Cut out my eyes, I'm the
Same me
Burying everything red

Casted out all of the doubt only life will remain
Remembering hell like tales we tell are words when there's nothing to say

Shame me,
Cut out your soul, you're the
Same me
You can't save the world when it's black

Black is your life as black as the night you’re seeing the past as black as the light
Black is the space as black as the place as hard as you try you can't replace

We are the light we run through the night
Tearing it down removing the sound
Singing a song we all sing along
You can't take it back now everything’s turning to black

Black is the sin it won't let you win cradles the life that never begins
Black are the eyes telling your lies laughing aloud as everyone cries